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Why Leveling the Playing Field is Natural.

Good question. My answer is the same as why biodiversity is so important to sustaining life. It’s natural. One of the hardest things to see is human behavior as an object or variable, if you will. But without the ability to capture and scientifically evaluate human doings, I am going to argue again, that humans will become humans greatest threat. Not global warming. No offense because I understand and believe the science behind that.

However, as we have witnessed already, life is fragile and things can change in an instant. Especially today with so much information traveling around the world and the rapidly accelerating growth of human potential and creations.

My biggest problem with the current business climate is that I’m still witnessing prolific growth and investment in the SAME things. Technology. Or causes that stand as the face of the real beneficiary, which is the entity. Technology. And I guess in a vacuum this would be fine.

But everyone knows we don’t exist in a vacuum. I think some people would like to think we do, and even operate as if that were the case. That’s fine. They’ve already been doing that. The only thing I can see to do, is to come in and fill in the space on the other side of this continuum. I believe that we as a society need to see that working to restore balance is where we should be headed.

What does this mean? It certainly doesn’t mean that I am going to change anyone’s mind. I can’t do that. I won’t even try. It does mean though, that I am going to continue to use my voice to point out what I see and why. I have come to understand that even this is important. And just as always happens, the moment we step off the ship we are met with our first challenge, and our instincts are to run back onto the ship.

What does a challenge look like? It looks like you telling me that you don’t like what I’m saying and that I shouldn’t post it. Perfect. That’s how I know I am doing the right thing. Because every time I have done the right thing for myself, believe me, it was always very inconvenient for someone else.

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