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Why is the Queen More Powerful than the King?

I suppose if I ask the question I understand it. Well, it’s not that simple. Before I go further I must define power in this context. In chess, power = the number of squares a piece can control. Therefore a reasonable answer to my question, Why is the Queen More Powerful than the King, can be proved as such -

A queen can control 28 squares

A King can control 9 squares

I love chess. If I had to give the word “life”, from my perspective, another name it would certainly be CHESS! It’s easy to isolate variables. It is equal because math says it’s equal. It is fair because the rules made it so. If there’s a problem? It’s not chess. It’s you and me.

I will leave you with my two cents on why the Queen is so powerful, without it needing to be a comparison.

The Queen always helps. No matter what.

The Queen knows she is not attached to the game

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