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What Impresses Me

I imagine if you hear my voice you might wonder, are my children’s voices as loud? The answer is YES! And at this time in our lives our voices teeter on the sides of being quite different. And learning to live in that space is a journey, and I imagine the journey will last our lifetime.

Talking about real things is hard. Indeed. Recently my eldest was sharing her excitement and pride of two locals who are currently playing women’s soccer at the private college that is in our backyard. And for many moments I listened enthusiastically with her. It is no small feat for sure. And I admire her engagement in the world around her and her ability to focus on something greater than herself.

However, after our shared moments of joy, I couldn’t help but become a bit sad. I said aloud, “It’s amazing what money can buy.” This did not go over well with her. It may never. And that is okay with me. But this doesn’t mean I won’t continue to voice my opinions and thoughts. Afterall, I have not only earned the right to my educated perspective, but I know now that wisdom also informs me.

I know that it is worth sharing my two cents because even though it makes her uncomfortable to hear my truth, I know that I am helping her become aware of the reality of life. We all have different perspectives, and for as much as she and others may prefer the comfort of living in their own comfort zone, I choose differently. And because we both exist, so too do our differences.

I personally have lived long enough to say that I am not impressed as much by what money can buy as I am by what people can “will” to do. Across the bay is my alma mater. A public university with a different financial and governing structure. And it is in those differences, that I have studied, observed and experienced that lead me to my statement, “It’s amazing what money can buy.”

I won’t elaborate, because it’s not my place or expertise, but I will conclude with confidence that I stand by my statement. I am impressed with what money can buy. But that is separate for me, unfortunately, from being impressed by the two lovely ladies. As incredible as they are, and for as remarkable as their private university is, I live with the knowledge that because of money there are one hundred times over equally impressive young ladies who are overlooked or don’t have the opportunity, all around me.

I’m not an expert, but it doesn’t take much to think that through. I personally don’t like the way it feels to live among so much obvious untapped potential. I believe that is our greatest waste of energy.

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