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Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye

Here is a double entendre that I will bet some people easily recognize. Well, okay, you recognize the title and then hear the song or see the images of whatever it makes you think of.

Or, you could be reading this, barely, and wondering, WTF is she doing now?

Or, you could be interested because you like the way it sounds, even if it’s unfamiliar to you.


I will be completely honest. I grew up watching Transformers. I liked the song and the ideas. I had no idea why until now. I consciously picked Transformations as the name of my business, much to the disapproval of some that I admired so much, it hurt to do it. It felt encompassing enough for me, so I went with my gut.

I can’t argue that upon hearing a business name like, Transformations, you have any clue what any of it is. I totally understand that. I have a similar experience that occurs often. But it’s the reverse of this. I go to a business believing what I read, heard, saw, only to find out it is nothing like what I saw, heard, read. And there are all these reasons and excuses why.

From my perspective the templates of these problems are the exact same. In the first case, if you even consider it, you go into it curious. Anxious. Other? And then, if you do pursue information, you do so with curiosity, anxiety,... fill in your blank.

In the second example I FEEL like I know what to expect because “they” told me before I went in. So I go in loaded with expectations and ready to go!

Honestly, it looks like the continuum of LUCK to me. It has two sides. They aren’t going anywhere, but I certainly can.

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