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This Feels Loud

Sound power at the source cannot be measured; it can be calculated by making a dB pressure measurement at any distance, then using the formula… - Womack

The most rewarding jobs I’ve had always include working one-on-one with people. I spent a season working with high school seniors during the time they were working on their college applications. I was grateful at the time to be doing it as a contractor because that meant all I had to do was show up and work with the students. The hard part was done by the business owner.

Or so I thought. Both roles are equally important and challenging in different ways. As a tutor I felt like I was able to show up as a tutor, and that’s it. But I learned that, at least for me, it was more than tutoring. I got to know different young adults and hear their stories. It widened my perspective on how narrow my own perspective had been.

I met a beautiful young lady who suffered from chronic pain her entire life, due to some condition that left her hypersensitive to physical experiences. This is when I really started to think about pain. How is pain measured?

Pain and sound both can not be measured at the source, I believe, for similar reasons. They only exist in relation to another… So it’s a relationship between two or more things. In the case of music or sound, it exists. Yes. But proof that I exist too is that you can’t measure me that way.

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