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The Prince of Bel Air

I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve always been taken with Will Smith. Some years ago he put out a video where he talked about the power of owning our story, for better or worse. He shared that while it may be true that someone in our lives can give us a box of shit we didn’t ask for, once it’s ours, it’s ours. Only we can do something with that box of shit. And that is a fact.

I followed a little bit about the happenings with him recently. I’m always sad to see how the people who put themselves out there to either educate, inform, entertain or protect us as a society, get villainized for every action they make. I won’t say one way or another how I feel about what happened, but I will say that he too is human, and that, I felt, was his whole point.

He never said it was easy. He never said he was perfect. He said, hey, this is what I’ve learned in life to be true, and I think it could help others to know about it, because it helped me. That doesn’t mean Will Smith gets immunity from being human. None of us do, even if we carry that BELIEF to our grave. It just isn’t so.

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