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The Paradox of Democracy

I believe the challenge of being human is remembering that it is a challenge to be human.

To fully understand democracy is to understand why it exists in the first place. Then to understand that democracy is not perfect. It is to be exercised. And furthermore, to understand democracy should be to understand the challenges of democracy to those who live in it. ALL OF US.

No one is hiding or keeping democracy from Americans, except Americans. It is to be human and to understand democracy to know this. Living in a democracy does not mean, as we can see today, that democracy protects us.

It is our responsibility to protect democracy by practicing it. And it doesn’t look the same for everyone, except that it is a commitment to the balance of the individual and the whole.

In case you're wondering, I learned this in college, because I studied social theory and cultural analysis. However, any and everyone has access to this information. So from now on, when I hear and see American’s complaining, I will happily direct us to sources of safe information that exist because they are by the people and for the people. That has never changed.

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