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The Black & White World of Colorful People®

The Black & White World of Colorful People ®

The Physics of Human Emotion and Why it Matters

Through my lens as a photographer, in my book, The Black & White World of Colorful People ® I explore human emotion and seek to prove why it matters. It is my hope that by putting human emotions in context with our net humanness more of us can begin to accept “what is” so that more complete collaboration and innovation can spread far and wide for the betterment of humanity, collectively.

I believe that, at least here in the United States, we are overly focused on “the individual”, to the detriment of homeostasis. My motive therefore is not to take away or discount any progress we have made in our society to empower “the individual”. My motive is not even to advocate for the collective as more important than the individual. Simply put, I see patterns and I see energy, and I can’t find any arguments against raising awareness of facts that affect every human being on this planet.

As I began to feel my own energy, my emotions, transforming, I also noticed I had become quite clumsy, or unsteady on my feet. To counteract this effect I began doing balancing exercises with my body. It was this practice of balance that brought me to my next realization.

The antidote to everything always appears in Black & White to me. But in practice it is always Colorful. This is to say I believe life is both, and the beauty and privilege of life is to know the challenge of balance, not the attainment of it.

Who Am I? Yes, I’ve heard this question asked of me a lot over my life. Who am I to do this? Who am I to say this? Well, I am Mariaelena. I exist too. Like everyone else, I have a unique fingerprint. And that’s it.

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