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1.decide or announce that (a planned event) will not take place.

"he was forced to cancel his visit"

2.neutralize or negate the force or effect of (another).

"the electric fields may cancel each other out"

Ring Ring

Hello, this is Science, how can I help you?

Yes, hello. My name is Mariaelena. I’m no one. And I’d like to cancel Newton’s Second Law of Motion. Please. It just doesn’t work for me. Thanks!

You don’t say that a majority of the tech workforce is lacking in something from your perspective. I’ll bet they feel the same way about you. The truth is going to be that it’s 50/50. So why keep wasting so much time on pointing the finger. Just FIX shit if it doesn't work, and keep in mind that all of our reputations precede us.

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