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Relationships don't just matter, they make all the difference.

I like cars because I can use them to explain just about anything. Take for example the sport of motor/car racing. There are so many layers to what I love and admire about the sport, but one that stands out to me the most is that of the many “relationships” that co-exist that make up the sport all together.

Take McLaren. The company exists because of motor/car racing, and arguably persists because of its adaptability and willingness to grow. But no matter what, they still stand for “winning”. And in a game of speed only one thing wins the race and that’s efficiency. So if you have to bet on what car weighs the least in F1, you can reliably be close, if not accurate, to say McLaren.

If that is true, and we will assume so in this case, why then doesn’t McLaren always win? Right. Good question. It’s because in a vacuum it is true that efficiency wins speed, however, as a matter of fact, the sport does not exist in a vacuum. In fact, not one part does. It’s all interdependent.

The relationship between the car and driver is paramount. As is the relationship between the racer as a whole (car) and his team. Heavier cars win all the time. As long as humans are behind the wheel, no matter what car it is, it’s anyone’s game. Let’s not forget that.

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