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Let's Have Sex On a Snowy Beach

Goodness how my mind works in mysterious ways. And I can say that now because I see it. I see it through the eyes and words of others. I don’t remember why I ever feared interacting in the world like this, and all for the better.

Anyway, my point is that I’m relaxed and happy to write about myself today in a way that reflects my own understanding of myself AND yours! On with it you say. Okay. Are you ready for it? Get it?

I’m going to talk about Taylor Swift again! Come to think of it, I know that Taylor Swift has been one of the most prominent figures in my family life with my daughters. And the extent of the learning and joy she and her art has brought my family is the extent to which I celebrate her and express my gratitude.

We are an interesting family, my girls and I. But I can only talk about one thing at a time. Those are the rules! (you see, being on the spectrum, this was a place where even a good writer, a good citizen, a good mother… could be seen as…?) The truth is I had to learn more about communication styles among humans before I could adapt that skill or trait into my repertoire.

I now know for certain that I could teach any subject or all subjects to anyone, simply using one of Taylor Swift's albums. How I know that is because that is how I raised my girls. I can teach something I am truly passionate about to anyone in a way that engages them in further explorative and open ways. It’s endless…

After I dropped the girls off at their dad’s house I was thinking about one of Taylor’s newest song titles, “Snow on the beach.” We had just been discussing the potential motives she used for certain lyrics in another song of hers when I heard Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg’s song, “California Gurls” playing in my mind.

Reminder: the following is a complete projection/subjective analysis - but the point!

I thought, WOW, she’s brilliant. I bet there could be a layer of intention to this title (snow on the beach). And I thought about what Taylor Swift stands for. I heard her lyrics in her latest album. And I thought how brilliant it would be if she also saw an opportunity to give back by offering alternative images to already popular phrases.

If I were to ask the girls what they thought, I bet they’d both think I was crazy and WAY overthinking again. They’re probably right! But I love that I can hear them now. And also that their perspectives of me matter to me. Because THAT makes all the difference in life.

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