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plural noun: credentials

  1. a qualification, achievement, personal quality, or aspect of a person's background, typically when used to indicate that they are suitable for something. "recruitment is based mainly on academic credentials"

I will be the first to say, as a person on the spectrum, it is a relief to hear that there is already a system in place “for that.” Because that means I have a higher chance of both understanding what it’s all about and therefore succeeding to some or any degree at it. I have learned to be more than grateful for the instructions. Because even if they suck, and even if they are wrong, let me tell you, I’d take the template of instructions any day over the deficit I face in aspects of my life to even understand that I need to find a template because “for that” exists, just not in me, yet.

So today I’m on the phone with two people I believe I respect. Here I show a card of hesitation towards men, but apart from that, I’ve still engaged with them because I can find no serious flaws in their moral code. At some point in the conversation the words “you should get your credential ‘in that’ “ come up. Ah, yes, I think. Right. If I had a penny for every time I heard that, from as many different people as I can conceive of, I would, could, should already have so many credentials.

Lately I’ve been working on looking at some of my biggest challenges from a different perspective. That I even can say that, blows my mind. So I try something different. I will use a new word in place of the one in my old narrative. It’s so lucky that everyone tells me I should get a credential in “for that.”

Well, what can I say? It feels better to use a new word. And I’m liking the word “luck” lately. Thanks to one of my soul mates. She came at me with her perspective on luck and its role in our lives. One of my all time favorite books to read to my children was “Zen Shorts” by Jon J Muth. One of the short tales in the book explores both sides of luck. So now I see that luck exists. Because I just proved it to myself!

Now, why did I have such a strong reaction to the topic? I understand that for a very long time I held on to only one side of luck. So long in fact, that I forgot there was another side. And I know this to be true also because its energetic blueprint fits beautifully with Newton’s First Law, which I affectionately refer to as Kismet!

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