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Mariaelena is best described as full of energy and life, and always wanting to help spread the joy! You can hear her laugh from a mile away, and identify her work from its provocative yet earnest imprint.

"I believe the biggest influence in my art is my childlike curiosity of the world around me. I know there is more to life than what meets the eye, and I guess you can say that my art is an attempt to uncover and capture more than meets the eye."

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Transformations by Mariaelena came to life officially in 2017. She had been working as a personal stylist for Nordstrom and began receiving numerous requests from her customers to help them with their wardrobes at home. In addition to styling people she began to see how working one-on-one with her own clients allowed her to really empower them to develop their own personal style and claim inner freedom and peace from confusing messaging and clutter.

Always an avid fan of fashion magazines and design, she decided to study photography more seriously so that she could combine her love of styling & design along with her gift of empowering people to create & produce the finished products she calls, “Transformations.” 

Eventually, when word spread among her friends and family about the fun ‘concept photoshoots’ she was producing she accumulated a decent size portfolio and began to wonder how she could spread the word about these Transformation experiences for more people to expereince.

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Mariaelena comes from an eclectic and diverse family that helped shape her talents and work ethic. Her earliest memories include dreaming about wearing beautiful clothes and posing for fun photoshoots. As these early dreams have become a reality thanks to technology and persistence, she believes strongly that transformation shoots are powerful experiences that should be accessible to people beyond the fashion and modeling industry!

ABOUT: About
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