About Mariaelena @thefringe

Everyone always wants to know how long I've been a photographer.

I guess the technical answer is two years.

But photography and I go way back.

I’ve heard it said that a photo is worth a thousand words.

Maybe that’s why I held on so tightly to the photos from my childhood.

They kept me company and reminded me that even if I couldn't feel it sometimes, I was really alive. 

I held on to them so that one day I could look back at them with my new healthy perspective and appreciate all that went into making those moments frozen in time. A photo's worth is always objectively subjective!

I guess the truth is I've been a photographer for as long as I could see.



Transformations by Mariaelena

Transformations by Mariaelena was born in 2017 out of necessity, naivete, and courage. The necessity was to name her business. The naivete was to include her name. The courage was to take the step.

Her duty was to make a living for herself and her family. Her challenge was to find her place in the world. Her solution was to commit to herself, and to never give up!

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Mariaelena comes from an eclectic and diverse family that helped shape her current values, beliefs and talents. Transformation, she believes, is a human right. Sharing her story and making space for others to share theirs, is WHY Transformations by Mariaelena was born. 



Los Altos Hills, CA